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           In 1929, Allen R. Flink established Flink Company as a farm implement dealership in Streator, Illinois. In the 1930’s, ideas for the first machine to spread agricultural lime were evolving in Mr. Flink’s mind, with the first few spreaders being produced in 1938. They provided enough advantages over previous methods for spreading lime that truckers, doing custom spreading, would travel long distances to have a spreader installed at Flink.

           In 1941, Flink was establishing national distribution and excellent progress was made, until wartime regulations restricted production. However, between 1941 & 1943 the spreaders were adapted and used for ice & snow control. On Labor Day, 1943, a high priority was assigned to Flink spreaders so that units could be produced for use on military bases and wartime production facilities.

           In 1944, the spreader took on a new twist to become a modern, well-engineered piece of equipment, powered by hydraulics. Flink had now advanced five years on other manufacturers of spreading equipment with this type of power. With a hydraulic spreader line in place, Flink purchased the Baker Manufacturing Company’s snow plow division in 1955.

           Baker had been manufacturing plows since 1908 and is considered the innovator of trip edge snow plows. The plows are still marketed today under the name “Baker/Flink”. In 1987, the first model FSP (Flink Snow Plow) moldboard trip plows were marketed to enhance the snow plow line and to help Flink become one of the leaders in today’s snow plow and spreader industry.

           Flink Company’s marketing program is a marriage with Municipal Supply and Truck Equipment Dealers, these facilities are located across the United States and Canada. For the nearest dealer in your location, contact Flink Company at (815) 673-4321 or via eMail to acquire information to make your snow removal a snap. Although Flink has an extensive dealer organization already in place, we still have distribution openings in select areas.

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