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About Us...

Bonnell Industries


Bonnell Industries is a manufacturer, up-fitter, and a leading truck equipment distributor in Northern Illinois. Through our nationwide distributor network, we are also a major supplier of snowplows and spreaders for municipalities throughout the country.


Snow & Ice


Our snow and ice division are built on quality and durability. High-grade steel and welds set us apart from the competition. Our plow division has a wide variety of plow options from heavy duty to medium duty plows. Great for municipalities and townships. Our wing plows also come in a variety of sizes and placements. We have front and rear mounted wings.  Bonnell’s under tailgate spreaders are built strong and durable to last! Our commander multipurpose bodies are built with the same toughness that we build all of our equipment.


Road Equipment


Bonnell Industries was built first on our road equipment. We manufacture road drags in a wide variety of sizes, helping smooth out gravel and dirt to help your roads and trails to ride smooth season after season. We also specialize in rear cross conveyors, quick-n-ease’s, windrow eliminators and much more!


Titan Leaf Solutions


We offer a large line of leaf vacuum equipment. Our Titan Leaf Solutions brand has grown year after year and has a large dealer network across the country. Our leaf vacuums help pick up bulk leaves and debris. Whatever you need we have you covered: trailered units, self-contained units, ride on units, and chassis mount units! We also manufacture leaf caps, chipper caps, and knock down leaf boxes for containment.


Flink Plows


Flink Company’s relation to Bonnell Industries has been competitive over the years. Flink began in 1929 as a farm implement dealership in Streator, and by 1941 due to wartime demand, they began producing Spreaders for snow and ice control. Then by 1955 Flink purchased the Baker Manufacturing Company’s snow plow division, and they have been manufacturing plows ever since then. With Flink being right at Bonnell’s back door and in our specific target market, the acquisition of the products and its business was very appealing. Bonnell Industries officially closed on this acquisition on December 5, 2022, and plans are in place to begin production of Flink products by January 2023. After the acquisition, Bonnell Industries Inc. plans to continue to support and service all Flink Dealers and partners in the same manner that Flink has always serviced their customers.




100,000 Square Ft Manufacturing Facility

(Broke Ground 8-30-23 – Finishing facility by July 2024)


Bonnell Industries continues to strive to become a World Class provider for their customers.


A substantial expansion is necessary for both the manufacturing segment and the Truck Equipment segment to meet the future customer expectations.


This expansion will involve increasing our current manufacturing floor space by 300% to establish a new 100,000 ft2 manufacturing facility located at 325 Progress Drive Dixon, IL 61021.


The additional space will enable us to make a significant investment in new automated equipment, resulting in a substantial reduction in waste within our operations and an increase in overall efficiencies. By reconfiguring the layout of our production assembly lines, we will be able to convert 18,000 indirect labor hours into direct labor hours, thereby increasing our productivity and output.


Upon completion of this relocation, we will also be able to transfer our current Truck Equipment installation facility into our current manufacturing facility. This move will provide us with a 400% increase in available production space for our Truck Equipment division.


At Bonnell Industries INC, our owner, Joe Bonnell, represents the third generation of ownership. He possesses a visionary mindset, recognizing the imperative for a strategic growth initiative within our organization.  He is now poised to orchestrate and execute a substantial expansion and investment in both the manufacturing and truck upfit segments of our business.


We believe that our corporate infrastructure is well-established, enabling us to aggressively enhance sales and service for both our existing and prospective customers.

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